What style of jacuzzi tub to go for ?

Whirlpool tubs are among the foremost coveted bathroom upgrades out there. There’s just something a few big, beautiful, jetted tub that says “I’ve made it” in terms of luxury and R&R. But not all whirlpool tubs are created equal. So albeit you’re able to dive head first into your luxury bathroom remodel, read this first! Not only do whirlpool tubs are available different in sizes, shapes, and designs, there also are quite few types that produce very different user experiences. So, especially if you’ve never used a whirlpool tub before, this tiny little bit of lingo will assist you find a bathtub you’ll love.

Classic Whirlpool Tub

This is what most of the people consider once they consider a “jacuzzi” because they were originally designed and marketed by the Jacuzzi corporation almost 100 years ago. Whirlpool tubs circulate water and force it back out through a series of jets, sometimes mixed with air to offer an intense, deep-tissue massage. This is often the foremost intense whirlpool experience (too intense to be relaxing for some), and almost like what you’d experience in your average outdoor bathtub . Importantly you can't use bath oils or salts during this sort of tub, as they will clog the motor and break the bathtub as they circulate with the water.

Jacuzzi Installation Considerations

When planning for your jacuzzi tubs installation project, remember to permit for sufficient clearance. Not just for access while making final connections during installation. But also for service-panel access just in case the motor or pump would require service at a later date.

Some access panels require a clearance of 18-inches by 18-inches, as an example. It’s important to supply adequate space round the pump for Jacuzzi repair, also as enough space for correct air ventilation for the pump and motor during operation.

Another important consideration before installing a Jacuzzi tub is whether or not or not the ground structure is fairly level. Rule of thumb is to permit a minimum of 150 lbs per sq ft.

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