The travels of a lifetime by boat

If you think that with the start of the era of great geographical discoveries, exceptional travelers have also been forgotten, then you are mistaken! Our contemporaries have also made the most amazing trips on the boat.

This appeared in the newspaper Le Parisien

Among them are scientists who have gone in search of evidence for their theories, researchers from the depths of the sea and simply adventurers who have ventured around the world, alone or with like-minded people. Many documentaries have been created about their travels and, thanks to them, we can see the whole world through their eyes, real, alive, full of dangers and adventures.

The famous Captain Cousteau

Captain Cousteau is a famous French explorer of the world ocean, author of books and films, inventor. The oceans have revealed many of their secrets, the beauty of their depths until now inaccessible to people for a very large number of lovers of scuba diving. It can be said that Captain Cousteau is the father of modern diving, because he is the one who created the main diving apparatus. As part of his research on the underwater world of our planet, Cousteau created the famous Calisto floating laboratory and the first Denise diving apparatus.

Travel around the world

Fedor, the Russian will make a single trip in three stages on a boat rental ibiza around the world. So far, no one has managed to cross the Southern Ocean and round Cape Horn in such a ship. The expedition began last December from New Zealand. Now Konyukhov is heading for Cape Horn. In December of this year, he plans to travel from Cape Horn to Cape Lewin in Australia and from Australia to New Zealand in a year's time.

Jacques Yves Cousteau accompanied millions of people and showed them on the screens how beautiful the underwater world is, giving them the opportunity to see what was still inaccessible to man.

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