The products for your jacuzzi bathtub experience

A jacuzzi bathtub, whirlpool bath, sauna or shower incorporates our four brand values: style, wellness, enjoyment and consistency to ensure that each product delivers an exciting and revitalizing experience. That Jacuzzi ® company offers state-of-the-art technology paired with highly sophisticated analysis to produce creative innovations in step with the times, making the Jacuzzi a brand synonymous with the ultimate in luxury.

Luxe Bath Pillow

A compact pillow that's adaptable to any size or shape of bath, Jacuzzi spa or bathtub, this luxury product is that the perfect addition for a more relaxing soaks. The super-thick pillow provides more support than a standard two panel spa pillow. It’s supreme area for the top and shoulders to rest on the extra-thick foam

Bathtub Caddy Tray

This waterproof and durable tray allows you to possess all of your comforting pleasures in one place. The tray features a holder for your stemmed glass, phone, book or iPad. There also are three different tilting angles for watching movies or reading, a cup for candles, two removable trays for storing towels, shampoo, etc. and a ventilated pad for soap.

Essential Oil Bath Bombs

The volatile oil aromatherapy blends, cocoa butter and shear butter will leave your dry skin incredibly soft once you dry off. Those with gluten intolerance can have adverse side effects from skin care and bath products that contain gluten. The matter is not absorption through the skin, but rather by accidentally swallowing it.

Portable Spa Massage

This bath massager may be a non-slip mat featuring a suction cup bottom. You merely drop the mat within the tub for an instantaneous Jacuzzi experience. The massager features a motorized vacuum pump and adjustable bubble settings that you simply can change with the included remote.

Aromatherapy Candles

Turning off the lights and counting on the flickering flames from a burning candle may be surefire thanks to create a soothing scene. These vegan soy wax candles feature lavender to market well-being and aid in sleep, vanilla to warm, sooth and relax and eucalyptus and spearmint for stress relief.

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