Make the most of your trip to Ibiza

If you're even slightly interested in party opportunities, it's very bleak you haven't heard Ibiza's name. Indeed, Ibiza has been the epitome of Europe's clubbing and partying scene for the previous 25 years and is now converted by its super bars and clubs into some kind of legend. As a party location, little requires to be said about Ibiza. Party enthusiasts can have a wild night and follow it up with some of the wonderful beaches Ibiza offers a therapeutic lazy day tanning around. But besides that, Ibiza also has sufficient attractions to attract families and elderly tourists to the city. Ibiza's quiet rural interiors have a handful of whitewashed lovely and sensitive villages. There are 15 Blue Flag beaches and you can quickly take a detour and explore all of them.

The Ibiza Cathedral

You can have fun exploring the multitude of alleys within the cathedral walls. Boutiques, galleries and also local amenity stores such as bakeries are beautifully infesting the alleys. Occasionally they open up to big ancient squares like the Plaza de la Vila and the Plaza de Sa Carrosa. The cathedral is situated at the top of the ancient town and is perfectly situated next to a scenic perspective of the widening water. If you spend a few more minutes roaming inside the cathedral, you can see the silver monstrance and the Gothic gold dating back to 1399. Then there are the Gothic panel paintings from the 14th and 15th centuries that present a wonderful fine arts display. When going to plan your trip to Ibiza, you have to consider the location. Hence, boat rental ibiza.

Go surfing at Surf Lounge

Shaking off a previous night's hangover can't be crazier than riding the waves in the Surf Lounge. Donate your favorite wetsuit, head to the surf lounge, ride the waves, make a full fool of yourself while doing it, and then recover together with your colleagues with the assistance of a great feast and some cold beer. San Antonio's Surf Lounge is the best location to spend the afternoon in the nightclubs after a wild night.

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