Hiring a boat in Ibiza is a a real experience

The island of Ibiza is well recognized, does not lack attractions, especially if you have the curiosity to discover otherwise. Rent a boat for a trip to Ibiza and discover a natural marine cave converted into an aquarium, a magical island, a corner of nature little known to the majority of visitors, an exciting ecological project, and another cave snuggled under the island of Ibiza. You will tell us the news.

A paranormal and magical place

Some argue that there is a rarely powerful magnetic force in the Triangle of Silence shaped by three stony hills: the Dragon Era Island in southwestern Majorca, the Rock of Ifach in Calp (on the Costa Blanca Valencian) and Es Vedrà,an islet located south-west of the island of Ibiza. The scopes would lose the north, the traveling pigeons too, and mysterious sounds would be heard in the nights of great silence. Some even say that an extraterrestrial base would be hidden under the pyramidal rock.

A natural marine cave in Sant Antoniano Portmani

Visit Ibiza for its remarkable nature is a pleasing initiative as the island has splendid places, which largely explain its tourist success. Among these: Es Cap Blanc, a natural marine cave that has long served as a breeding ground for fish and especially lobster, before converting in 1989 into an unusual aquarium, where discover marine types endemic to Ibiza. Attached to the sea, it has five entries of marine water, which promotes the renewal of water and its oxygenation.

Sant Josep of Sa Talaia

This charming little village is known for its uncommon white thatch church. Strolling around Sant Josep de Sa Talaia guarantees unbelievable views of the coast and the city of Ibiza. A moment of nature and culture found in the festive immensity of Ibiza. Although injured during the Spanish Civil War, the church offers many restored works such as a statue of St. Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary but also a painting of the Ecce Homo de Sanchez de Ocaña.

Here are the best places to discover for an impressive experience on the island of Ibiza. Ibiza offers us a captivating and seductive nature. Rent a boat for Ibiza should be in your project for vacations and unforgettable weekend. Do not hesitate to contact Samboat for a boat rental ibiza for better follow-up and guide during your trip to Ibiza.

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