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The beautiful days are here and we start thinking boat again. But before launching your favorite boat, a good cleaning stroke is required. To help you find the right cleaner, Band of boats have gone out to test a new line of cleaning products. Visit website to find everything you need for your boat.

Outside products

The eco-responsible cleaning of the dead works of his boat eco-responsible cleaning of the live works of the boat Under the pressure of many boaters who wish to clean without polluting or as little as possible. Several firms that sold a range of cleaning products for boats now offer more environmentally friendly formulations.

Internal use products

The majority of them are both toxic for the user, then for several months or even years by regular release due to the effect of heat and humidity; very common circumstances in our squares or cabins.


It is a solvent intended to dilute the resins, to clean the brushes or glue residues (bi-component or epoxy). Its strong dissolving power will exclude it from any cleaning of the gel-coat, or Plexiglas whose matter it will dissolve on the surface (whitish residues).

Domestic alcohol

This multipurpose cleaner is not aggressive, is actually diluted methanol. This makes it a good indoor product that is also suitable for linings but requires rinsing. Good degreaser, especially for epoxy.

Soda lye

This is a very corrosive product that should never be used undiluted in water.

  • Wear gloves, mask and goggles of rigor.

  • Used to clean or revive wood (teak decks for example) ...

  • After application, it is imperative to rinse thoroughly.

  • Use only in areas where liquids are recovered and treated (fairing area).

Thus, to provide you with the best boat cleaning products, the site offers products adapted to all types of boats. Feel free to inform yourself about the various features of these.

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