Promotions on spas this week!

A moment of relaxation in the spa is a moment of unparalleled pleasure. Imagine the sensation you will have when you make yourself comfortable in your spa, having your body lightly massaged with the water jets. Imagine accessing your spa at your leisure. It's tempting, isn't it? This is what we call a moment of pure happiness. But many think that this is just a dream or that it is a project that demands a lot of budget from the family and therefore remains inaccessible. But why not treat yourself this time by taking advantage of promotions on 4-person spas? A spa promotion is beneficial. Here are some examples of spa at discount prices for the week The New Generation Sofia During the promotional period, this spa is sold at 3,790 euros instead of 5,490 euros. With this reduced price, you will save almost 1,700 euros. This spa tub offers significant comfort for these users with an exceptional design. The shell is made of acrylic. There are 2 seated places and two others lying down. It also contains 3 different types of jets, rotary jets, fixed jets and air jets. All these different jets offer him the possibility of giving more precise massages for more comfort and virtue. The B HAPPY inflatable spa During the week of the promotions, this inflatable spa displays a price of 379.99 euros against 630 euros in normal times. This product is attractive not only for its price but for its use. It sets up in 5 minutes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to withstand impact. This inflatable spa is sold with some accessories to make life easier for users and heats up very quickly. It is intended to contain 800 liters of water with 130 integrated air nozzles.

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