Balneotherapy and balneotherapy bathtubs

Whether you suffer from back problems, joint problems or just want to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation, balneotherapy is the remedy you are looking for. Balneo baths are recognized for their massaging and relaxing device. Thanks to their hydro-massaging nozzles with diffusion of air and water jets, you come out toned and relaxed.

Double function of Balneo bathtubs:

Whether you are looking to energize yourself or on the contrary to calm yourself down, Balneo bathtubs offer their user a varied experience. On the one hand, they allow you to energize, in particular thanks to the stimulation of blood circulation which is facilitated following the massages caused by the water jets. They also have the function of being invigorating following the elimination of toxins but also invigorating since they cause muscle and joint relief. On the other hand, the Balneotherapy bathtubs and their hydro-massage constitute a relaxation session since the water temperature causes a feeling of well-being. Likewise, they have the advantage of being distressing since the mixture of air and water is intended to relieve and relax the nervous system.

Balneo bathtubs: a real remedy!

Beyond their energizing and relaxing function, Balneo bathtubs have real therapeutic properties. Among other things, they help relieve headaches and asthma, they soften the tissues following the dilation of the pores and promote the elimination of cellulite. Likewise, their major role is to relieve back and neck pain.
So what are you waiting for to adopt the new trend in Balneotherapy bathtubs, where chic and well-being become one! Find out even more on your perfect hot tubs for sale, at Tropicspa !

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